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As a former TomTom 550 user, I finally made the step to the Garmin Zūmo XT2. The XT2 has lots more to offer in functionality than the TomTom, but in the end, but ultimately, my goal remains simple – to ride without any unnecessary hassles. That's why I'm determined to know the device thoroughly and make use of the new options to tailor it to my needs. Based on some questions and suggestions from the motor-forum, I wrote a few articles. While everyone has their unique way of using navigation devices, these articles reflect the approach I prefer with the XT/XT2. My preferences:

  • Reliability: I want the route on my XT/XT2 to be exactly the same as in my route planner (also when shared with others)
  • Focus on driving: All information should be available during driving without the need to interact with the XT/XT2
  • Freedom of route planner: It should work with any (online) route planner (my preference: MyRoute-App)
  • Cordless: I do not want to use a wire to update files/tracks on my XT/XT2
  • Maintainability: All additional information I add to my XT/XT2 should be stored in routes and all steps to prepare a trip should be easy to repeat


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