7 days in 14 minutes

Video report of the trip

1900 km in 7 days


Places we have slept


including extra loops

Download Routes for GPS

All my routes are mostly created by myself in MyRoute-App (MRA) whereby inspired by several other routes and sites. In MRA you can verify your route against all major map sources and you can download the routes in any format, suitable for your GPS.

See below for more information about the routes.

Information about the routes

  • We drove with 2 adventure bikes, a Harley Davidson and a big BMW. If you want to drive these routes on a Harley Davidson, you should not be chicken about dust, mud and some very small gravel parts.
  • The routes provided (and Google Maps) differ slightly from the ones in the video. In the gpx files the offroad parts were taken out and we had to deal with some closures (like the Gospel Pass).
  • Most main routes have some parts that can be skipped to shorten the ride.
  • For most days, there are optional or additional routes available.
  • Naming convention of the route files:
    • [day][sortnumber][a: alternative route, o: optional route] [from]-[to]
    • 10 Hull - Llangollen.gpx: Main route for day 1
    • 11o Llangollen loop.gpx: Optional loop for day 1
    • 50a Cardiff - Aberystwyth (if Gospel pass closed).gpx: Alternative main route, if the Gospel pass is still closed

Read my blog on creating Multi-day routes if you want learn more about my way of working.

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