9 days in 13 minutes

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3300 km in 9 days


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Download Routes for GPS

All my routes are mostly created by myself in MyRoute-App (MRA) whereby inspired by several other routes and sites. In MRA you can verify your route against all major map sources and you can download the routes in any format, suitable for your GPS.

See below for more information about the routes.

Information about the routes

  • This trip was a solo tour and I tend to drive much more kilometers than when I am riding with friends. The routes are therefore pretty long.
  • I traveled first week of October. Recommended for the quiet roads and nice colors of autumn, but also a risk for closed passes and bad weather.
  • The first day was a long day, because of the expected rain the second day. A better stop on the route would be Sarrebourg if you want both days to be more of the same length.
  • TomTom Rider can't process the Kunkelspass. Just navigate to the start with the alternative route and keep on going untill TomTom picks up the route again. (allways check your TomTom routes in TomTom MyDrive and your TomTom Rider: The route determinaton and calculation is not the same!)
  • Most offroad tracks (gravel) in Swiss (TET Swiss) are optional and also toll roads. They can be skipped easily.
    • Parkplatz Tätsch: You need to buy a ticket at the parking machine to get a permit to transit
    • Unteralp: You need to buy a permit at the locat tourist office (€ 20,-) to transit
    • Kunkelspass: You need to buy a ticket at the parking machine or via the EasyPark app (€ 7,- for 24 hours) to transit
  • Second half of day 8 is mainly (easy) offroad (TET France section 13 & 14). Please download the tracks on the TET France website if you are planning on going offroad, because the routes changes frequently. The route I have supplied for download is an alternative tarmac route.

Read my blog on creating Multi-day routes if you want learn more about my way of working.

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